Bhutan Jamchong Thuendrel Foundation was established on 28th February 2018. BJTF was set up to support the Bhutanese youth in finding meaningful employment. Our primary focus are youth that are school-going, enrolled in Technical Training Institutes, or those that have entered the labour market and experience difficulty in finding meaningful employment.

BJTF is registered under the Civil Society Act of Bhutan as a Public Benefit Organisation with the registration number CSOA-PBO-31 and it also functions as the Bhutanese chapter to the South Asia Foundation (SAF).


Mr. Nima Gyeltshen
Executive Director
Mrs. Pema Deki
Program Officer


The Board of Directors consists of seven member team representing different aspects of society including a youth representative member. The Board of Directors acts as BJTF’s governing body by setting the strategic direction, providing oversight and guidance on performance and ensuring availability of funding. The Board meets at least 4 times a year, with the first meeting held on 3 March 2018.

Board members serve for a period of five years with possibility of renewal on a case-by-case basis. Board members do not receive any financial compensation or sitting fee.

Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup

Hon’ble Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup is the founder and patron of the Bhutan Jamchong Thuendrel Foundation. His Excellency served as the former Prime Minister of Bhutan for two terms (1999 -2000 and 2005 – 2006).

During his tenure as the Minister for Health and Education, Hon’ble Lyonpo initiated and founded the Bhutan Health Trust Fund, and was the recipient of the World Health Organisation’s Excellence in Public Health Award in 2015. He also initiated the then Vocational Training Institute, empowering young people by enabling them to hone skills that will lend dignity to their lives which have always remained close to his heart.

His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo conferred the Orange Scarf upon Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup on 1 January 1998.

Ms. Chime P. Wangdi
Deputy Chair

Ms. Chime P. Wangdi is the Secretary General of Tarayana Foundation. A social worker at heart, she strengthens the voice of the rural communities by helping the vulnerable help themselves through true empowerment. She is a strong advocate for gender equity and social inclusion, and is a leader in rural development circles in the region.

She has served as Bhutan’s representative on the Independent South Asia Commission on Poverty Alleviation (ISACPA) and the National Commission for Women and Children, and currently sits on several boards such as the Royal University of Bhutan, and is the Chair of Bhutan Transparency Initiative Board.

Mr. Karma Wangdi

Mr. Kama Wangdi (fondly known as Asha Kama) is the co-founder of Voluntary Art Studio, Thimphu (VAST) with a vision to provide a platform for Bhutanese youth to explore their artistic talents, volunteer for community services, and consider art as a vocation . A passionate artist himself, he is a true believer that art is a powerful medium to tackle many social ills.

In 2010, His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo conferred the Award of the National Order of Merit, gold medal to Asha Karma for outstanding contribution in arts and voluntary service for the children and young people of Bhutan in 2010.

Ms. Karma Choden

Ms. Karma Choden is the Manager for Cluster & Craft Bazaar Development Division, Agency for Promotion of Indigenous Crafts. She was actively involved in the establishment of first authentic Bhutanese Craft Bazaar, craft clusters (23 craft clusters across the country today), and craft raw materials banks at the doorstep of rural artisans in Bhutan.

Currently Ms. Karma Choden is also the Chairperson of National Technical Committee for Textiles, National Standard Bureau.

Mr. Vijay Gurung

Vijay Gurung is the founder and CTO of iDRUK SOLUTIONS. iDRUK SOLUTIONS was founded with a vision to providing value-added high quality IT Solutions to clients by combining technology, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term client relationships. As a young and successful entrepreneur himself, Mr. Vijay has played a crucial role in building the start-up eco system in Bhutan, and served as the Senior Mentor for the start-up programs in the country.

Mr. Vijay Gurung is also the Program Leader and Lecturer of Bachelors of Computer Application at Royal Thimphu College.

Ms. Karma Choden Tenzin

Ms. Karma Choden Tenzin is the Youth Representative to Bhtuan Jamchong Thuendrel Foundation. She graduated with distinction from Royal Thimphu College in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology. She is currently the Gallery Manager /Curator at VAST Bhutan Art Gallery. Apart from engaging in activities at VAST, she is also an active volunteer of Jangsa Animal Saving Trust, Feeding Love Sunday Programme and Happy Club Bhutan.

She was a recipient of His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo’s Personal Card for ranking first in her undergraduate program while at Royal Thimphu College.

Ms. Nim Dem
Member Secretary

Ms. Nim Dem is the Executive Director of Bhutan Jamchong Thuendrel Foundation. In her long career, Ms. Nim has streamlined the proper coordination between the Scholarship Division and the Ministry of Labour and Human resources, the Royal Civil Service Commission and the in-line Ministries for more realistic human resource planning, established and upgraded schools, developed ‘Education Monitoring Tools and Guidelines’, dealt with teacher shortages, created adult education department, developed a teacher deployment system and initiated the development of higher education policy.